Inyatsi continues ploughing into Eswatini’s economy

AFRICA’S leading integrated business partner, Inyatsi Group continues its surge of trailblazing and making significant contributions to economies.

With a footprint in 11 countries on the African continent, the group is still maintaining a strong presence in its home country of Eswatini. The group, under the stewardship of Executive Chairman, Michelo Shakantu, is on an aggressive expansion path with numerous acquisitions in the pipeline.

The chair says the only way for the organisation to continue growing and keeping up with His Majesty King Mswati III’s vision of turning Eswatini into a first-world country, it has to spread its wings into different sectors.

“In so doing, we also contribute to the upliftment of our people and play an impactful role in the economy. We want to be part and parcel of shaping the country, contributing to the infrastructure development and playing our part in reducing unemployment,” the Chairman said.

With over 40 years in business, the Inyatsi Group has been at the centre of the development of Eswatini and even played a critical part in the foundations as well as the roads that have turned the country into a metropolis that many marvel at.

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Courtesy: Eswatini Daily News

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