Inyatsi’s success and dominance glows in 11 African countries

Inyatsi Group of companies Chairman Michelo Shakantu

The African Giant, Inyatsi Construction, under the Multinational Inyatsi Group Holdings, is indeed living up to its vision of being Africa’s Leading Integrated Business Partner.

This is because the Eswatini-owned company now dominates in 11 countries in the African continent where it has clinched construction tenders for major infrastructure development projects.

The Group is successfully led by the assiduous Executive Chairman, Michelo Shakantu who by far has demonstrated painstaking devotion and unwavering zeal. The 11 countries included Uganda and Somaliland where the company clinched major deals just a few weeks ago.

In Uganda, Inyatsi Construction clinched a half-a-billion Emalangeni tender for the project which is an embankment dam construction in Kubuyanda, Uganda and the company was awarded the tender in September last year, however, the site was handed over on April 27 this year to begin construction works.

In Somaliland, the company awarded a project to reconstruct the famous Washeen market that was damaged by a fire last year with a value estimated at E500 million.

The latest tenders mean that the Eswatini-founded company is now dominating the continent with construction projects being implemented in West, Eastern, and Southern Africa.

The projects, it should be emphasised, are positively stimulating the economies in African countries by bringing not just employment opportunities but also changing lives and empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Before the Uganda and Somaliland contracts, Inyatsi Construction won several others including Malawi and Mozambique. Inyatsi Construction was awarded an E288 million Mozambican job and went on to win another project to build a laboratory facility in Malawi. The Malawi project includes the construction of a laboratory, cafeteria, and change room at Mzuzu deport.

This happened after the company had clinched other jobs in other countries, creating over 1 000 jobs in Southern, Eastern, and West Africa.

In the Mozambique project, the client is Trans African Concessions (TRAC) and the project was the upgrade of the N4 MDC Section17: Tchumene Interchange to Matola, which links South Africa and Mozambique.

In the Kingdom, Inyatsi has among many projects completed the state-of-the-art Mbadlane to Manzini Blue Highway. It is currently working on the Sicunusa/Nhlangano road to name a few.

Having celebrated 40 years of existence last year, it seems like there is no stopping Inyatsi Construction from leading in the African continent by delivering high capital projects beyond the Kingdom of Eswatini where it is headquartered.

The company continues to fully live up to its vision and is successfully expanding and growing its footprint across Africa where its impact is felt by not just the different governments but the citizens as they are afforded business and employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, in its operations, the Inyatsi Group Holdings is guided by a set of values which are agility, accountability, embracing change, and commitment.

Courtesy: Eswatini Financial Times

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